American Alligator at Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida.

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An alli gator afloat in water reflecting the gold of a sunset.AMERICAN ALLIGATOR

Alligator mississippiensis


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Superorder: Crocodylomorpha

Order: Crocodilia

Family: Alligatoridae

Genus: Alligator


(Image: © istockphoto/LarryLynch)



d. Suggested Publications (Literature and Video) for Lay Readers and Viewers


There is a plethora of literature dealing with the American alligator. Below are a few suggestions of some of the publications more accessible to the lay researcher. For an extensive list of literature used as sources for this article (and for advanced reading), please visit the "References" page.


[Find more publication titles about alligators in the Bibliography of the American Alligator, here.]



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Video Media

[Find more videos titles in the Filmography of the American Alligator, here.]


A VHS cover. 

Audubon's Animal Adventures: Alligator & Crocodile Adventures..1997. National Audubon Society, HBO Kids Video; VHS NTSC, 30 mins. [Available on DVD R1 as part of a 3-disc set,, Audubon's Animal Adventures (2000)].




A VHS cover.Realm of the Alligator. 1986(1993). National Geographic Video; DVD, VHS NTSC; App. 59 mins.






A VHS cover.Tales from the Wild: Gus the Alligator (National Geographic Kids Video). 1998. Questar Video; VHS NTSC; 32 mins.






A VHS cover.World's Last Great Places: Everglades: Secrets of the Swampp.1997. National Geographic Video, VHS,, NTSCC: 60 mins..






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