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Below are several resources you may ifnd of interest, whether related to the alligator directly or indirectly, or to wildlife found in the reptile's range.


Click on the link at each entry to access the website for that resource.


Alligators and other Crocodylia


Alligator RegulationThe partially submerged head of a large alligator. & Welfare

Index of U.S. State government wildlife agencies. This index includes phone numbers and links for wildlife agencies in the 10 states in which alligators are native.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Alligator Management. Lots of official information on regulations and programs for alligator management.

Croc Rescue Network. This loosely affiliated network of qualified and licensed reptile experts attempts to place captive alligators, crocodiles and caimans (not wild ones) in qualified facilities.


Alligator Study

Bibliography of the American Alligator. Search a large index of literature on or related to the subject of the American Alligator.

Filmography of the American Alligator. Search an index of film and video presentations on or related to the subject of the American Alligator.


Conservation & Crocodylia

World Conservation Union (IUCN). This is the United Nations-accredited international body that operates at the forefront of conservation strategies and public education.

Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG). A part of the IUCN, this body of experts spans the globe and works together to plan initiatives and achieve conservation goals for all species of crocodilians, alligators among them.

Living Crocodilians of the World. This is a full list of extant crocodilians, including scientific names, common names and conservation statuses.

CrocBite: Worldwide Crocodilian Attack Database. This is an ongoing endeavor to compile all reported attacks by any crocodilian species on a human.



Living Among Wildlife in Florida


Caimans (Alligator Relatives Nonnative in Florida)

The Alligator's Nonnative Cousin in Florida. "The Alligator's Nonnative Cousin in Florida", a species summary of the Spectacled caiman in Florida.



Venomous Snakes of Florida & Snakebite Treatment. An excellent site to visit to learn about snake safety from herpetologist Greg Longhurst, a good friend of the author of this website.



Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. "Living with the Florida Black Bear".

University of Florida IFAS Extension. "Living with the Florida Black Bear: A Homeonwer's Guide to Nuisance Bear Prevention".



Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. "Living in Panther Country".



Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. "Living with Raccoons".



University of Florida IFAS Extension. "Managing Conflicts with Wildlife: Living with Deer".



University of Florida IFAS Extension. "Florida Resident's Guide to Mosquito Control".




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