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An Alligator Safety Guide


An alligator shares a footpath with humans.SAFETY TIPS

By the Dozen*


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1.Be aware on, in or near water. 2. Never approach an alligator.
3. Be extra aware during
the warmer seasons.
4. Never feed or entice an alligator.
5. Report illegal feeding or enticing. 6. Contact authorities if you suspect
a threatening alligator.
7. Create a barrier on your property. 8. If charged, run away
in a straight line.
9. If attacked, fight back. 10. If bitten, seek medical attention.
11. Never take one from the wild. 12. Share your knowledge.



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               5. If you witness the feeding or enticing of a

                       wild alligator, report it to authorities.


Report such an event to the wildlife authorities immediately (in some states the feeding of wild alligators is not statutorily prohibited). The act of feeding, as mentioned above, may be perilous to the feeder and to anyone who ventures near that alligator afterward. Furthermore, the An alligator swims near an alligator warning sign at Lake Alice, Gainesville, Florida.alligator that loses its fear of humans will probably be killed by wildlife authorities as a dangerous  "nuisance" animal, as mandated by current regulation, so the act of feeding a wild alligator may lead to its death. (In Florida, "nuisance" alligator trappers are not paid for their services but are permitted to kill the animal and keep the proceeds of the sale of the carcass to a processor so that it may be used in the hide and/or meat market.)


Authorities need to be aware of the situation so that action can be taken to preserve public safety. By reporting it you make a civic contribution by not only promoting public safety, but in assisting in the protection of the alligator species from the undeserved negative publicity it gets when a human is hurt by one. So, in reporting someone, the objective isn't to see the perpetrator entangled with law enforcement, but to see a dangerous situation swiftly and properly mitigated.


If you live in the alligator's range state, you may refer this directory of state wildlife authorities for contact information.



In this photo, an alligator's presence (seen in the lower right-hand corner) dramatically reinforces the signage at Lake Alice in Gainesville, Florida.









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