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The information contained on this website regarding safety in dealing with or handling animals, even in dangerous situations, is offered as general information only, and the Owner and Author of this website, his/its employees, affiliates, associates, agents, assigns and/or advertisers assume no liability in connection with this advice and/or its observance. Every situation with its myriad of factors is unique and impossible to predict, even by an expert. The consideration of the information presented here and from other reliable sources, along with the exercise of good sense and judgment applied to a situation, can go a long way to helping you stay safe.


Furthermore, the Owner and Author of this website does not provide legal consultation. To obtain legal advice, one should consult a qualified attorney at law. Any information provided, and/or offers made on this website, are void where prohibited by law. The Owner of this website in no way implies or asserts that the information published on this website is accurate for application to any given situation.


This website features various Legal Notices (usually located at the bottom of an applicable page), and such Notices are part of the Terms of Service of this website. This website may offer general legal information drawn from qualified sources, but in no way should this be construed as legal advice, consultation or direction. The Owner of this website and anyone associated with this website in any manner does not offer legal advice of any kind and users are admonished to consult a qualified attorney for legal advice.No legal-subject content on this website should be construed as legal advice.


This website may feature one or more images of human-animal interaction intended for artistic and/or publicity purposes; this photography was carried out in by professionals under highly controlled, non-wild conditions. Readers of this website should not attempt such actions or approach or interact with alligators, their young,  or other potentially dangerous animals.




This site may contain professional, industry or subject-based directories containing hyperlinks and/or other contact and/or access information, and such are intended as reference databases. Subjects pertaining to the field of industry that this site deals with are included without express or implied association. These directories, if any, are for general informational purposes only and are not guaranteed to be accurate. The Owner of. and contributors to. this site do not necessarily endorse any particular person, organization, website, article or web page listed.


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Furthermore, this website features articles and other writings (some in PDF form), which mention or discuss various entities other than (or, as formerly known as) or its Owner and Author(s); some of these other entites are various conservation, zoological or other organizations. These writings are not co-published, co-authored or indorsed by the other entities mentioned or discussed unless expressly stated so in the writing itself.




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